On Wednesday this week, I joined my fellow purple clad mates at Stubb’s for the Frightened Rabbit gig. We got there halfway through the second openers set, Bad Veins which turned out to be a blessing. I had done the quick Myspace check before coming out and had looked forward to hearing the Killer-esque Falling Tide. There was no spark though when it came down to it, Bad Viens rhythm felt like a dirge, barely a warm up for FR. It wasn’t until the last song when they decided it was time to pick up the pace during a breakdown that I finally looked up from my beer. But just as quickly as they went back into their regularly programmed song, I went back to my beer.

Frightened Rabbit set up their own equipment and started up quickly, which given the weekday scheduling, I was pleased about. The set list was a smattering of the best from Winter of Mixed Drinks & Midnight Organ Fight, pleasing the crowd despite the constant shouts for Twist. It was a decent showing for a weekday and a large majority of the crowd appeared to be in the 9 to 5 age range which may account for the low key but pleased response Rabbit & crew generated. It was like a two beer buzz, warm, grinning and genuinely happy to hear the music but not really ready to move into “lets swing from the speakers” mode. Scott Hutchinson demo’d his chops during an acoustic and spotlight session when he lost amplification to his guitar, pressing through the song while he pulled on a new guitar and re-capoed.

This was the 3.5 FR set I’ve seen thus far this year and though I was very pleased to be there, it didn’t ignite me like the first two had during SXSW. Perhaps it’s only because I wasn’t as close to the stage or the lack of the frantic SXSW air, but I left feeling like I’d just hung out and reminisced with an old friend. The biggest spark I felt was in the renewal of my attraction to Gordon Skene, Frightened Rabbit’s newest addition. Something about his mouth and utter mouse-like demeanor makes me want to stalk him after the show..which I promise I did not.

Gordon Skene on Right. Photo: Catherine Murphy

The set list was well thought out, ending on the popular Keep Yourself Warm and holding Twist and Loneliness & The Scream for an encore. All in all, a good showing by the Scots and a demonstration of their small but growing fan base.