While flipping through the Austin Chronicle, I caught sight of Edie Carey’s name on the Flipnotics bill for Monday. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I had to do a Google double check just to make sure my dyslexia wasn’t filling in words for me. It’s been several years now since I last saw Edie at Momo’s, playing to a room of approximately 10, 5 of whom were intrigued staff members.

I caught Edie back in 2003 at a *cough* Melissa Ferrick gig at Red Eyed Fly. Don’t ask why I was at a Melissa Ferrick show, it’s just one of those things that happens to good people sometimes. Edie caught my ear when she threw a capo on her 7th fret and dropped her signing octave down a few notches, creating a hauntingly beautiful love song. Her “newest” album Another Kind of Fire, was put out in 2006 and left me feeling flat and uninspired. The true gold lies in the “When I was made” era, a simple album with plaintive lyrics and melodies that feel right at home beneath a vast expanse of sky and star. One of my favorite songs still is “If I Start to Cry”, an ode to a father and a daughters missing heart.

Edie’s playing Flipnotics with Rose Cousins, a similar acoustic artist. If you’re looking for an easy going and heartfelt end to your Monday, check it out.