Earlier this week SXSW released their second round of invited/showcasing acts over on the SXSW main site. Though still 5 months away, I’ve started prepping for a monster year. Much to my darling wife’s disbelief, I sorted through all of the first round picks and pulled out my yes, no’s and maybes. Who am I most stoked about?

Wild Flag!

So incredibly excited for the chance to see the all-grrrl supergroup, I have not shut up about it. I can only hope that they’ll play more than one showcase and *crosses fingers* maybe just one little free one.

The Head and the Heart

Thanks to Heather Browne’s superb Fuel Friends blog, I got turned on to The Head and the Heart back in June and have been itching to get a chance to hear them live. I literally yelped with joy when I saw their name on the first round invited acts.

Below are the rest of my yes’s, maybes and sure’s :


Candy Claws – great, all over the place mashups, yes
Capsula – magnetic brain, builds, experimental, pretty good, female vocals, bells, yes
clock opera – expansive landscapes, vibrato vocals, yes
GypsyBlood – yes, garage-esque,
jezabels — yes
Jon Quil – good, yes
Klaxons – – yes
Le Butcherettes – YES
Light pollution — nice opening, good bass line, YES
ps i love you –yes
sun airway — yah
suuns – yes
telekinesis – yes
The head and the heart – YES
Thiago Pethit — yes
tie — s likes it, cute, spanish regina? yes
rosie and me – cute, from brazil, squeaking kittens and heartache, yep
toro y moi –yep


Alcohol Faith Mission – meh, My eyes to see seems to have some building moments, previous album is too quirky lyrics for me
Appleseed Cast – mb verterans, new album any good? could get lost in it
Babe Rainbow – meh atmospheric, clanging, canadian, sounds good but would make for a boring day show
Calder Quartet – classical, good
Chapel Club – All the eastern girls, good vocal timing, mb
Chico Trullio – sounds like a good time
Chikita Volentra – gargey sound, yes, i like the claps in all i nees a little more
Cloud Nothings – gargey pop, catchy but not grabbing, mb
Cool Runnings – reggae beat, beach sound, mb
Dam Mantle – electronica, organic, pretty good stuff for electorica
Designer Drugs – Drop Down –more electronica
Ebony Bones – WARRIOR – caught me with the hand claps at the beginning, building, more fun electronic
Ed Harcourt – your lustre is unbecoming
El Hijo de la Cumbia – fun , cumbia dancy sure
FM Belfast – Frequency, stuck with it, pretty good
Frankie and the heart strings — popping, fun sure
fujiya and miyagi — soft vocals, dishwasher feels good, sure
Get people — electronica, good, meh
Giana Factory — girl band, metric-ish, sure
Givers — pretty goodcabriolets – female front, clean indie pop, doesn’t really going anywhere
High Rankin – more electronica, gooood
ia Ices – meh, girl, sorta like olga
john vanderslice — sounds pretty good, mb
KAMP! — electornica –pretty good
Kids of 88 — layers of sound, pretty good
Liam Finn – pretty good for a boy..somewhat beatle-esque for plane crash, next song though is totally different
Marcus Foster – good voice, boy folk, dark, london mb
Micachu and The Shapes – small, spring, fun, interesting other stuff
mstrkrft – mb
MUJERES – jangly, mb
Sol Pereyra – fun, sure
The Luyas — strange..might be interesting, female fronted
the naked and the famous – new zealand, female vocals, kinda feels like girl version of yesayer, sure
the war on drugs — sure
Those Dancing Days — sure
Wye Oak – sure
yuck — sure